My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk

My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk
These goats really work. I use the milk for cheese and soap, and other things. I milk by hand and expect lots of good tasting milk and nice manners on the stanchion.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another New Member of the Family

These are not great photos, but I wanted to post them anyway, and introduce our newest girl in the herd. She is going to be called "Ethel"; she looks just like Lucy, but without the white on her side.
Her registered name is DKGH ROCKEY'S HOP TO IT
She comes from Greenehaven Nubians in Prosser, Wa.
At just 9 months old, she is a large doe. The Greenhaven herd consists of quite large does! She may not work out very well for my plans of mini Nubians, but she will still be an excellent addition, providing me with lots of good, rich milk, and full-sized Nubians when bred to either of my Nubian bucks.

She's a little scared, it being her first 24 hours here,and in a terrible wind storm! The barn has a tin roof and so the wind makes alot of noise in there.


LilacCottageGoats said...

She is a beauty. I love her ears. What's her personality like?
We just had a set of twins born on are farm just a few days ago. They are Mini Nubian bucklings, second genaration Minis. We named them Joel and Jonah. Come by my site and see a acouple of videos that I have posted.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

she is quiet and not too friendly...and I hope that changes! At least she is not badly behaved...just shy.