My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk

My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk
These goats really work. I use the milk for cheese and soap, and other things. I milk by hand and expect lots of good tasting milk and nice manners on the stanchion.

Laz E Acre's Jump Off Joe (5th gen American)

Laz E Acre's Jump Off Joe *B

(starred buck)
DOB: 2/3/16  5th Gen American

 June 10, 2017 Wine Country Classic
Sr. Bucks 1 year but under 2 years
Joe placed under Judge Joseph Larson 5th of 6
Judge Sarah Hazeltine 3rd out of 6
Judge Rebecca Nix 4th of 6
He had a hard winter and was a gangly guy with a bad haircut. Not his fault! Next year he's going to place much better I'm sure
thank you Debbie and Eldon for this handsome boy!
Joe is Chamoisee with a partial belt and solid ears

PictureJoe has a wonderful Nubian Roman Nose.
Joe has great length of body, solid legs and that fabulous Nubian head and ears.


Laz E Acre's Evan Almighty
6th Gen Purebred
MDGA #MN03823         Percentage:  56.43%/43.57%            DOB: 02/02/14
                    Sire's Sire: Echo Hill's Winchester

      Sire:Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

                  Sire's Dam: Cornerstone Farm Glitter

Dam's Sire: Caldwell Creek's Fanny's Freddy Mac

WRRanch Heidi
                   Dam's Dam: TW Ranch Matillda

Show Wins: Reserve Grand Champion Jr Buck 2014 MDGA Fall V Show.
Reserve Champion Senior Buck Wine Country Classic June 2015
Height: 29 inches
Evan Almighty was named Grand Champion in the 2016 Fall MDGA V Show


Echo Hill's SG Bunny

4th Gen American
MDGA # AMN02127              Percentage: 50%/50%                  DOB: 3/21/11
Echo Hill's SG Bunny Left Side
                       Sire's Sire: FCH Echo Hill's Sinbad *B

         Sire: Echo Hill's He's 'A' Gem *B

                    Sire's Dam: Echo Hill's Emerald 2*P

                    Dam's Sire: Hidden Creek's Reuben

        Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Phoebe's Sweetie *p

                    Dam's Dam: Hidden Creek's Cinnamint's Tinker
  Show Wins: 1st place MDGA summer show 2013

 Production: First Freshener 
2013-Twins 2 Bucks
 2014- Twins 1 doe 1 buck
2015- Single Doe
2016-Twins 2 bucks
Height: 25 1/2 "
Bunny's 2016 udder at 5 years old.
Bunny's side udder at 5 years old.

photos courtesy of Laz E Acre Farm-Mini Nubians  

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