My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk

My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk
These goats really work. I use the milk for cheese and soap, and other things. I milk by hand and expect lots of good tasting milk and nice manners on the stanchion.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Congratulations Laz E Acre!

Laz E Acre's Evan Almighty
Breeder/Owner: Debra Otta
This is our own Laz E Acre's Jump Off Joe's sire
He won Grand Champion Senior Buck on the fall 2016 MDGA V Show

So happy for them!
We are sad we forgot to enter Joe in the Jr. buck division. What were we thinking??

Monday, September 26, 2016

Maremma LGD puppies

Caesar above. Mishka below 


I  have two litters of Maremma LGD pups. The we own the parents. None are registered but all were bred off working farms/ ranches.
The sire is pure 
The older dam Mishka has 1/4 Anatolian blood
The younger dam is almost pure with maybe 1/16th Anatolian and Great Pyrenees and that's why she sometimes throws colored pups.
Taking NON refundable $50 deposits on pups.
Males $400
Females $500
Ready to go to country/farm/ranch homes ONLY in minimum 8 weeks maximum 12

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sad Day

Today was a sad day here. We lost our beautiful herd queen, Luci. She was not only sweet natured and patient with the human children that loved on her, but she also was a valued member of the ranch. A high volume, high protein and butterfat producer of milk for our family, she will be missed. 
She kidded without trouble more goat kids than I can recall off hand.
Rest in peace LuLu.

Monday, September 12, 2016

For Sale

I have hand milked my goats for 13 years's been a time I treasured. Time I was able to sit quietly in the barn with my animals; the goats of course, barn cats, geese, chickens, and my dogs and horses. It's been therapeutic really.
Sadly, it has to mostly come to an end. My hands have hurt terribly this year and I finally went and saw a hand specialist. I have a genetic predisposition for arthritis and joint breakdown, and the more I milk the worse it gets. He said I need a new hobby, because this one isn't kind to me.

I can't see my life without them, and I believe the raw goat milk really is the healthiest choice. I enjoy making cheese and soap. I guess I'll just do it on a much smaller scale. So...that leads me to this post- I am selling quite a few of my goats. I already have. I will be keeping 2 milkers and my new buck, besides the older girls I wish to keep as pets because they deserve their retirement.

Cowboy is an amazing buck, and he did good work for me here. He sired 14 kids, all gorgeous and not one birthing problem. He is a beautiful animal and it pains me to sell him, but I will just no longer have a use for him here and he's young. See his page here:

The other goat is also a 3rd generation Miniature Nubian. This little doe was a first freshener this year. She kidded independently and without a hitch. Her little doeling was drop dead pretty and Bella Anna was a fabulous and loving mother. She had quite a lot of milk for such a small girl. Milk genetics are a strong point. Her faults are that she isn't friendly (but she stands perfectly still for milking on the stanchion) and her teats are very long.

See her page here:

Thank you

Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 Bucklings for SALE

~All SOLD~

**As of July 17 there are 2 bucklings remaining. Both of Gigi  Marscapone X Cowboy,
the last ones born. These are loud colored, with great milk genetics behind them.
Check out some of the bloodlines in their pedigrees and you will see they have good stuff behind them.

Dam: Little Angel's Farm Tasha Tudor (3rd gen)
Sire: Paradise Rhinestone Cowboy (3rd gen.)
SALE PENDING thank you Corey H.
4th generation buckling $300

Dam: Proverbs 31 Collette Crottin (2nd gen)
Sire: Paradise Rhinestone Cowboy (3rd gen.)

2 very nice 3rd generation bucklings
$200 each
the one with rust colored heavy eyebrows and single dot in belt front pictured is sold  (sale pending)
thanks Kate Bagwell of Dancing Nanny Dairy Evermore, Wa

Thank you to Danielle Devlin of Rusty Roof Farm in Washougal, Wa
for adding one of these very fine bucklings to your herd. Congratulations and may you enjoy many years of spots and milk on solid, good animals!
(sale pending)

Two super nice little loud colored boys with the same great breed character I've seen in all my kids this year. These are 2nd generation boys $150 each

Dam: Proverbs 31 FB Gigi Marscapone (1st gen)
Sire: Paradise Rhinestone Cowboy (3rd gen)

I take cash, Paypal and Square
email me

**This year I'm dam raising and I'd like to leave the boys on their dams as long as possible so I don't have to milk 700 goats :)