My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk

My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk
These goats really work. I use the milk for cheese and soap, and other things. I milk by hand and expect lots of good tasting milk and nice manners on the stanchion.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kidding Season is Coming Up...

2011 was a super year in my dairy goat herd. I sold 17 kids and could have sold plenty more if I'd had them. Oh yes, and I aquired a gorgeous 4th generation miniature nubian buckling from
Moonstone Mini Farm
Keith & Melissa Reed
1145 Sun Harbor Rd
Burbank, WA 99323

You'll see this picture in the Jan./Feb. issue of Hobby Farm magazine in the "Just Say Cheese" spread.
My girls are bred for early kidding to avoid parasite troubles. I haven't seen a problem in my own herd, but I have heard some woeful tales from others, so it's better to be safe than sorry I say.
Kidding season should start the end of January in my barn and end in the middle of February. I plan on keeping at least 3 doe kids this year and maybe a buckling. More milk and more cheese! I just got a great new cheese making book to keep me busy this winter~ it's gorgeous!

I really made some good some raw goat milk cheddars that gotten eaten up by my husband pretty darn quickly. I had to promise I would make plenty more. I'm also pretty excited about the world of bloomy rind cheeses- I can't wait to try some out.

Miss Luci is my herd queen and also the 1st one due. She is bred to Handsome Rob and I will be delighted to see what those kids look like.
If you are interested in a registered Nubian or Miniature Nubian kid email me! There won't be many this year.

Monday, July 4, 2011

17 kids born!

We had 17 goat kids born on Double D Ranch this year kidding season. I have sold everyone except one buckling, and have even sold 2 does. It seems the mini Nubians are just so darn popular. I had lovely kids and the girls are giving lots of creamy milk. I am making soap, feta, chevre, and cheddar cheese almost every day- oh yes, and gallons of raw milk kefir...and of course there's the beautiful mason jars of rich milk in the fridge just to drink. Love it!

As soon as I have some free time I'll post pictures of the girls and some of the kids they had. I'll  include the bucks, and announce the new 5th generation mini Nubian buck coming to live here soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wine Country Classic Miniature Dairy Goat Show

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Wine Country Classic Miniature Dairy Goat Show

48605 PR SE,
Kennewick WA

3 rings sanctioned for Sr. does, Jr. does, & Bucks

Also offering on June 26, 2011 PSE for the 1st time!

Judges: TBA

Contact: Shelley Weber

Check out the Wine Country Classic website

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st Generation Mini Nubian Triplets

Gina kidded her first time yesterday and she did well! Triplet kids from Handsome Rob. That makes these little charmers 1st Generation with LONG ears! Hooray! Can you tell I am really happy about that?
The 1st picture is the little girl. She mews like a kitten and is nigerian sized. The other kids is the red and white, bald faced boy. Super cute. He has one funky ear, that turns out a bit. He should make a very nice pet.

 Then there is the little darlin' down below. He is gorgeous and would make a nice herd sire in a mini program. Maybe mine, if I don't get a buckling from Penelope, who is 1st gen. with long ears and bred to a 3rd gen. moon spotted boy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Set of Triplets!

My very best girl Luci gave birth to triplets on my anniversary! How sweet is that? Last year she gave me two lovely doe kids on my birthday.
Two doelings and a buckling and....ALL WITH BLUE EYES! How amazing! Thank you Blackberry! I love that little buck. He always passes on at least one set of blue eyes in a kidding, but this time all of them!
These are 1st generation mini Nubians.
Clara's blue eyes


LIttle Blue eyed boy  ~SOLD~

Oreo out of Blackberry and Glory seen here with Rosemary the ewe