My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk

My herd is small, clean, and closed. I raise these beautiful goats for milk
These goats really work. I use the milk for cheese and soap, and other things. I milk by hand and expect lots of good tasting milk and nice manners on the stanchion.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Goat Milk Properties

Are you interested in goats for their milk? That's the reason I started, and although I thought the health claims a little nuts, the facts are two of my children with severe asthma and allergies were in fact healed after 3 months f raw goat milk. They were able to throw out all their medications and discontinue their quarterly appointments with the pulmonologist. My daughter was able to quit her twice weekly allergy shots. No lie.

I read a great list of health benefits here

Goat Milk Properties

   *  no cream separation due to smaller fat molecules
   *  protein forms soft curd makes it easily & rapidly digestible
   *  Rich in amino acids & 8 that body can't produce
   *  13% more calcium than cow's milk
   *  25% more B-6
   *  27% more antioxidant rich selenium
   *  47% more Vitamin A
   *  134% more potassium
   *  300% more niacin
   *  antimicrobial properties
   *  more chlorine & fluorine, natural germicides, fluorine assists in preventing diabetes
   *  contains more silicon tuberculosis, found in cows and not goats
   *  neutralizes acids
   *  anti inflammatory properties
   *  potassium rich
   *  immune system modulation
   *  non mucus forming & helps relieves mucus
   *  non allergenic
   *  good for lactose intolerant
   *  easily digested, great for elderly, children, infants, animals

Health Benefits Raw Goat Milk

   *  relieves brain & nerve disorders
   *  protects against arthritic conditions
   *  relieves asthma
   *  reduces neuralgia
   *  reduces fluid retention
   *  defends against liver disease
   *  reduces your risk of metabolic syndrome by up to 62%
   *  combats ulcers with effective acid buffering
   *  removes heavy metal poisoning
   *  protects against malnutrition
   *  prevent high blood pressure
   *  protects against atherosclerosis
   *  relieves kidney stones & other kidney disorders
   *  protects against & relieves diabetes
   *  gastric disturbances
   *  colitis
   *  aids poor digestion
   *  relieves diarrhea
   *  relieves constipation
   *  defends against heart disease
   *  reduces obesity
   *  IBS
   *  alkalizes the digestive system
   *  not acid producing
   *  increases pH of bloodstream
   *  cancer prevention
   *  nourishes & revitalizes dehydrated, damaged skin
   *  slows effects of aging
   *  prevents brown spots & skin thickening
   *  contributes to reconstruction of collagen
   *  encourages moisture retention
   *  promotes skin elasticity

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